General Ledger & Accounting

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Fuse5 is a best-in-class ERP for the Cloud ERP and comes standard with all the following features.

General Ledger & Accounting

Real-time seamless integration with the world’s No. 1 accounting software for businesses of all sizes.


World-class accounting
If you can’t beat ‘em, use ‘em. QuickBooks has 85 percent market-share for all small-to-medium businesses. Instead of attempting to build something we knew couldn’t be as good, we focused on a seamless real-time integration.

One sync, a ton of capabilities
By syncing Fuse5 with QuickBooks, you can generate balance sheets and profit and loss statements, process payroll, manage depreciation and amortization schedules, import bank and credit card statements for automated reconciliation, and keep up on the latest tax laws.

Fast, one-time setup
Setup takes just 20 minutes once.

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